What is CoinDogs?

CoinDogs is an online game where you can breed, personalize, sell/rent virtual dogs, race and play other games.

What payment methods are accepted?

Major Credit cards.

How do I get my own CoinDog?

To get your own CoinDog, start by selecting two dogs that you want to breed, enter simple registration info, and make payment in credit card that will go to the owners of the two dogs. After a few minutes, your new puppy will be born. It's that simple! Click here to start.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with how the game is going?

cryptDue to the functioning of the game and the fact that we immediately transfer funds in between players.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

We offer an invite based program. You can share a link with your invite code in social media, forums, blogs etc... When a person joins the game using your invite code, they will see your dogs more prominently, making your dogs more likely earn income for you. If you own 12+ dogs available for breeding for 0.05 points, anyone joining with your link will be offered your dogs exclusively and you'll earn 0.1 point per each referred user. Please do not send email spam. Spam doesn’t work, annoys people, and we do not tolerate it. Get your invite link here.


What's the goal of playing the game?

There are many ways to enjoy this game. Your objective might be to breed the best race dogs and make profits on racing them against other players, selling them, or renting them for breeding. Or you can collect the most unique or cool-looking dogs, or speculate with the goal to make a profit. For example, you can breed mixed dogs into pure dogs: start with a mutt that is mixed from 10 different breeds of dogs. By carefully selecting breeding partners with the DNA of a Golden Retriever, after several generations, you can end up with a 100% pure Golden Retriever. Then, you may offer this Golden Retriever for sale, or rent him for breeding and collect passive income from other players in points.

What are the gold coins next to a dog?

Gold coins displayed next to a dog represent profit the dog made from racing and breeding. A dog with many coins indicates a valuable dog that is making a profit for his owner.

How can my dog win a race?

When you race your dog against other players' dogs, there are many factors that will determine which dog is going to win. They include a mixture of a dog's DNA, experience, and random chance. Some dogs have a statistical advantage over other dogs.The most important factors for a great racing performance are:

Physical Factors
  • Strong, long legs
  • Long and lean body
  • Streamlined ears
  • Head of a smart or aggressive breed
  • 50 to 80% pure
  • 1 week to 30 days old
  • Raced less than 80 races

The above factors are summed up in "Vitality" see bellow.

Other Factors
  • Lunar phase is optimal for the breed - see "Lunar effect" below
  • Parents have won races
  • 0 generation dog
  • the lower generation the better
  • Previous racing experience
  • Won a medal in the past
  • Currently is ecstatic or happy
  • Wearing accessories - 2 or 3 items is better than one
  • Has recently shared profile on social media
  • You own the Satoshi Unicorn
It's impossible to have all these factors right, but the more factors your dog has, the better edge it has to win. Your dog will get better as it gains racing experience and will decline as it ages beyond 30 days. Random chance plays a role, too — for example, a pure pug could win against a pure wolf in a single race, but over a set of many races, the wolf would win more races against the pug. However, if you race a young, happy pug with racing experience during New Moon against an old, depressed wolf, the pug might win most of the races because even though it has short legs and a small body, it has many advantages in other areas.
Important stats available on the profile page

Vitality is a measure of dog's physical factors that includes: body DNA composition, age, and exhaustion from racing. For a new puppy vitality will increase in the first week one point per day. For dogs older than 30 days vitality will slowly decrease one point per day as the dog ages. A dog with more than 80 completed races will lose vitality one point for each race as the dog will be exhausted from racing and ready to be outperformed by a new generation of racing dogs. Dog with low vitality will outperform dogs with high vitality if the dog has advantage in other areas. Larger number is better.

Lunar effect is a measure of the current influence of the moon on the dog. Positive number indicates that the dog is getting a boost from the current phase of the moon. Negative number means the dog is getting slowed down by the current phase of the moon. Larger number is better.Our game simply doesn't pick a winner: it actually simulates the dog's run taking all the factors into play with each step the dog makes against every other dog in the race. The winner is naturally discovered by running this race simulation.

Why are zero-fee races important?

We charge zero fees on racing. That means all the profits from racing are distributed to the 3 winners. We want to give the players who own great racing dogs the best chance to earn profit in the long run. If a player has a 15% statistical edge over other dogs, they will earn the full 15% on average in each race. Our goal is for our players to be able to earn real income from racing. We charge a breeding and sale fee to sustain and grow this game.

What are 0 gen dogs?

0 gen dogs are dogs whose parent is the Satoshi Unicorn. We will issue only 50,000 zero gen dogs. Most of them will be sold via live auction. Young zero gen dogs are great dogs for racing. Older zero gen dogs make great parents for breeding low generation high-performance racing dogs. The price of zero gen dogs at the live auction automatically adapts to the market. If there's a great demand, the price goes up. If demand cools off, the price gradually goes down. As we sell 0 gen dogs and approach the hard 50,000 limit, the price at the live auction will rise significantly.

What's the moon's role in the game?

The current phase of the moon in the real world affects breeding difficulty of CoinDogs. To a small degree, it also affects the speed of your dogs on the racetrack. This brings an interesting cyclic nature to the gameplay and diversity of breeding. For example, Corgis are easy to breed during the New Moon (when you don't see a lit up moon at night), but they are difficult to breed during the Full Moon. Grey Wolves are very difficult to breed at any time except for the Full Moon. When you breed dogs during a Full Moon at midnight (12:00 a.m.–1:00 a.m. EST) you have a 20% chance you will get a werewolf instead of a dog. Werewolves are very rare creatures in the game. You can see the current moon cycle in your dashboard page with a description of which breeds are easy or difficult to breed.

My dog is sad and slow to breed—how can I make them happy?

After a period of inactivity, or extensive racing, dogs will generally get sad and even depressed, and their breeding time will slow down and racing performance will decrease. There are easy ways to make them happy again so they can run and breed fast again:1) Show them love. Share their profile page on Facebook by clicking on the heart button.2) Get them a new accessory. A pair of new sunglasses is all it takes to make your dog happy.3) Breed them with other dogs. After a puppy is born, both parents will be happy.4) Introduce them to Satoshi the Unicorn. When you own Satoshi, all of your dogs are happy!

How many breeds of dogs are available?

There are currently 20+ of the most popular dog breeds available, plus a Grey Wolf and several special non-dog characters.

Can I change my dog's name?

Yes, on the day your dog is born you can choose a name from 12 available names. To do that, click on the dog's name in its profile page. When your dog is older than 24 hours, you will not be allowed to change its name any longer.

How are new breeds discovered?

Any time you breed a dog, there's a slight chance of DNA mutation. When DNA mutates a gene of a new breed is discovered and you as the breeder get rewarded with the "New Dog Breed" bounty. Your dog will get several new breed genes and will become highly desirable dog to breed with. When new gene is found, it will become also available in the live auction. This is how we introduce new popular breeds to the game.

Do you allow inbreeding?

No, we do not allow breeding of son with mother dog or daughter with father dog.

I got an ugly dog—Now what?

As in real life, sometime DNA combinations will produce a dog that is not the best looking. With 6+ trillion possible DNA variations in our game, there are bound to be some uglies. Maybe you can get some accessories and decorate your dog to make them look pretty. Who knows, maybe they're great on the racetrack—you should try! If you really want to get rid of them, just give them away with the gift feature—they're going to be sad, but they'll get over it.


Why do dogs get locked sometimes?

When a player initiates a dog purchase or breeding, an invoice is generated, and the involved dog(s) are temporary locked for about couples minutes until the payment is confirmed or the invoice expires for a non-payment. When a dog is locked, the lock icon appears next to them, and players cannot perform any functions with the locked dog. This is to prevent situations when two people purchase the same dog at the same time.

Are CoinDogs represented in the blockchain?

CoinDogs are digital assets currently hosted on an off-chain ledger.

Do you release a new generation 0 dog on a set schedule?

We only release a new generation 0 dog when someone is interested in purchasing it via our live auction. If nobody is interested in buying it, we do not release it to the game. The purpose of this is to limit the dog population to only quality dogs people want to own. This is done from our auction screen. We believe a smaller population is better for the gameplay.